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Tractors and Salt Gritters: why rustproofing will keep them going longer

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Agricultural and snow clearing equipment are prone to corrosion if they don't have sufficient rustproofing. Road salt gritters need to be protected against the very material they are deployed to spread on our roads to keep drivers safe during the winter months.

Rejel, an authorised distributor of DINITROL range of rust protection products for the UK and Ireland Markets suggests applying underbody rustproofing DINITROL 4941 (black) or DINITROL 4942 (brown) to tractors, salt gritters and spreaders.

These two DINITROL products have been used by Warwick county council to rust proof their salt gritters.

Underbody waxes work by skinning over the surface it is applied to forming a barrier against the corrosive forces of road salt. DINITROL underbody waxes under went a 1500 hour salt spray test to prove it's effectiveness against rustproofing of salt gritters.

For paint work protection it is recommended to use DINITROL 4010 which is a clear, hard wax. 

How to treat signs of rust before rustproofing 

Dintrol RC900 & RC800 will only stick to areas of rust and not the paint surrounding it.

Wire brush the areas to be treated first to remove any loose or flaking paint.

Apply to edges of the rust but you are wasting product by putting on painted areas.

The RC900 contains acrylic and dries to a hard finish.

Why rust proofing and rust treatment is valued

Salt gritters, trucks, agricultural equipment and other large vehicles are an expensive investment to councils and private operators. Ongoing maintenance is key to keeping them in operation for many years. Checking and treating signs of corrosion should be part of the service plan.