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5 reasons why you should buy Dinitrol rust proofing from Rejel

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Rust proofing to vehicles of all ages, shapes and sizes is recommended particularly in locations that experience harsh winter weather conditions. Underbody rust proofing should form a tough resistant layer against stone chips, road debris and surface rainwater to successfully protect against the onset of corrosion. Some rust treatment centres will offer a free annual check to make sure the underbody rust proofing is still intact and providing adequate rust protection.

Dinitrol rust proofing products are designed for application to classic cars, new and old vehicles, farming equipment and machinery, commercial vehicles, buses, motor homes and industrial equipment.

Why buy rust proofing from Rejel

  1. All the products needed to rust proof your make and size vehicle are available to purchase as a kit. Dinitrol rust proofing kits offer an opportunity to do the job yourself. Kits come in a choice of aerosol or using litre cans with schutz screw cap. Rust proofing kits from Rejel include: those for classic cars, to protect against stone chips, clear & high solid kits, for new vehicle where the owner wants guaranteed protection against harsh weather conditions or rugged terrain, and kits for Land Rovers new and older models.
  2. Rejel aim to continually offer a superior customer service including the delivery of all orders correctly and promptly. A number of customers have submitted reviews via our Facebook page and Google business listing. The ratings are all positive, which we believe is clear proof of the quality of service we strive to provide when you order any Dinitrol rust proofing product or kit.
  3. If you need help with rust proofing and understanding what products to use, Rejel will always strive to provide you with the right information, technical advice and on-going support for all aspects of the Dinitrol rust proofing product range.
  4. When you place an order it will be acknowledged by email within 30 minutes of receipt. 
  5. Want to rust proof your car this week end? Rejel continually strive to keep 100% stock of products detailed in our catalogue and will process and dispatch all orders 100% correctly and on time. Please note that orders received after 4.00pm (16.00 GMT) may not be processed until the next working day.

Dinitrol underbody waxes provide a tough, elastic and waxy protective coating rather than a sticky wax finish for grit and dirt to stick to. 

Cavity waxes provide long lasting corrosion resistance by eliminating moisture. These water displacing products penetrate into hairline cracks for additional protection. The wax won't crack, chip or peel after application and is designed for use on internal and external surfaces. DINITROL 3125 cavity wax is particularly suitable for use on older vehicles where rust is evident, such as the underbody. It offers a drip free application and dries to leave a brown, hard, waxy film. DINITROL ML is ideal for spraying into the chassis, box sections and hard to reach areas. DINITROL 3654 is ideal for use in new build production, at import plants, during truck and bus manufacture and in the aftermarket. 

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