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Rust proofing cavity wax for lasting protection

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Are you wanting to improve the lifespan of your classic car or ageing vehicle? Protecting your car against corrosion is an important step to maintaining it's integrity. We recommend the application of DINITROL ML cavity wax. It offers a highly penetrating corrosion protection coating specifically designed for vehicle applications. Apply to the chassis, box sections, interiors of double skinned panels, door frames, inside doors, rockers and wheel wells. DINITROL ML also creeps into welded seams and enclosed cavities protecting them from corrosion.

  • Once applied the penetrating cavity wax will creep into all nooks , crannies and even hairline cracks with excellent adhesion to all metal surfaces. 
  • It demonstrates excellent moisture displacing characteristics. 
  • DINITROL ML can be applied with either air-mixed or airless spraying equipment, in conjunction with a undercoating gun and lance extension and suitable hook attachments. 
  • For the D.I.Y car restoration enthusiast, DINITROL ML can also be purchased in a convenient 500ml aerosol with 90mm straw extension applicator attachment located in the lid for a easy application without the requirement for additional equipment and tools. Low viscosity which makes it suitable for D.I.Y use.
  • No preheating required so can be applied all year round.
  • Fast drying
  • Offers long lasting, self healing rust proofing coating.
  • Eliminates moisture and dries to a strong, hard wearing resistant film.
  • Prevents corrosion even on areas where there are already signs of rust

DINITROL ML cavity wax 

DINITROL ML has proven performance in preventing and stopping existing rust. You can order yours from Rejel who also supply rust proofing kits with all the products you need for a full vehicle rust proofing.

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