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Rust proofing your vehicle?: Cavity waxes most suited to the job

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Cavity waxes are all designed to have rust proofing properties but not all have the ability to creep into hard to access areas of a vehicle after application.

DINITROL cavity wax application is a process by which a waxy solution is sprayed inside the box sections of a vehicle. The self healing property of the cavity wax enables it to creep over any area that may have been scratched. to reseal it. 

DINITROL cavity waxes provide long lasting rust proofing by displacing moisture and penetrating into hairline cracks for additional protection. 

Rust proofing with DINITROL cavity waxes


This cavity wax is particularly suitable for use on old vehicles where corrosion is evident, such as the underbody. It offers a drip free application and dries to leave a brown, hard, waxy film. 

Dinitrol 3125 is ideal for the application to box sections, cavities, door bottoms and windscreen scuttle.


A very thin and of low viscosity wax ideal for spraying into the chassis, box sections and hard to reach areas. Contains rust inhibitors and helps stop ongoing corrosion. 

DINITROL ML was designed to offer the best rust proofing to classic cars or older car models. Available in a convenient 500ml aerosol with 90mm straw extension applicator attachment allowing for quick and easy application.

The convenience of an aerosol means that there is no need for a spray gun or compressor. The extended nozzle makes it perfect for spraying inside closed cavities such as doors, door sills, frame parts, external joints and cracks. An extension hose can be fitted directly onto the aerosol nozzle for full coverage within enclosed spaces.

DINITROL ML does not harm lacquers used in the motor industry and adheres well to substrates.


Designed for use in new build production, at import plants, during truck and bus manufacture and in the aftermarket. Also for use on spare parts stored under very corrosive conditions.


A clear wax which is transparent, offers high penetration, water repellent, has excellent low temperature properties and is re-wash resistant.

Dinitrol 1000 is mainly based on synthetic waxes and corrosion inhibitors. When the solvent has evaporated the product leaves a transparent, waxy, water repellent protective film, giving excellent rust proofing. It is Ideal for application to door skins, bonnets, boot lids and box sections.

The application of a cavity wax is an important part of fully rust proofing a vehicle. Therefore, it is important that it is applied properly for a long lasting effect. A high pressure application produces a fine spray that enables DINITROL cavity wax to reach all crevices, nooks and crannies.